Monday, October 11, 2010

AWESOME: Viennese Cafe Society

AWESOME: So, during a few days here in Vienna, I have had the opportunity to try a few of the amazing cafes that Vienna is famous for. This missive comes from Cafe Central, a place that I have made my second home here in Vienna. Sure, it is a bit touristy as compared to some of the others... but the location and free wifi make it a winner.

This is what dinner looks like.

This is what dessert looks like:

I was also introduced to an awesome cafe called Phil by Jeremy, and also got to try out Cafe Diglas (est 1875)  - a place that actually takes over a chunk of street for outdoor seating. Brilliant really.

Screw you, Mr Traffic Engineer. The cars can just deal with the fact that we reclaimed a chunk of your street for more useful endeavours. Ha!

I'll leave this post with a pic of the dessert counter.... my sugar count went into shock just LOOKING at it.

PS: I did visit the home of the Sacher Torte - but the Viennese poo-poo the place as not so good. I had home made Sacher Torte at Ivanna's house last night.... OMFG yum.

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  1. We have seen outdoor cafe seating taking over street parking areas around Denver and Boulder. It's a little interesting when you turn on a street that you have been using for awhile, thinking "oh, I'll grab a space right in front", and suddenly have to veer around a wooden fence outcropping with tables!